I love to speak at local, state, and national conferences and events.

I am particularly passionate about encouraging the next generation of leaders to choose a path in parks and recreation.

I also talk a lot about technology, and the way we can use it to maximize the impact on our community through enhanced programs, facilities, and services.

Speaking Topics

Using Analytics to Understand Your Audience

Better manage your personal and professional social media time based on impact and effectiveness.

Learn how to measure and analyze effectiveness and outcomes of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Technology in the Workplace:  Innovative Tools for Productivity

We’re all so busy. Constant strains on our time and energy make it difficult to stay organized and motivated.

Imagine if you could take shortcuts (the good kind) that allow you to maximize your productivity in the workplace. In this speed session, you’ll learn five technology hacks that will change your workflow and keep your virtual space (and mind) nice and tidy.

How to Use Trello in your Parks and Recreation Facilities

Have you ever left a meeting feeling like nothing was accomplished?  Have you ever wanted to visualize your project and collaborate with team members?

In this talk, we’ll explore a free task management tool called Trello that you can use to maximize your productivity. Easy to understand, easy to collaborate, and easy to incorporate. No sales pitch here, just an honest look at a tool that makes work & life easier to manage.

Trending Now: Free Innovative Tools for Creating Virtual Tours

It’s time to go virtual!  Virtual Tours are quickly becoming the first and most important impression of your parks and recreation.

In this talk, you’ll learn about a few low cost (and realistic) methods for how to create virtual tours for your facility or park.

It’s not as hard you might think! Audience will plan and design their own virtual tour for their organization, facility, or park.

Data for Internal Process Improvement:  Surveys are Your Ally

Engaged employees are happy employees.  So before you roll out your new workplace policies, consider weighing the opinions of your most valuable customers: Your Staff!

This talk will explore the low-cost methods of surveying your employees and the positive impact it can have on morale.

Understand the value of knowing your employee’s true opinions, and how to strengthen your team using feedback (even if you don’t agree with it)!

Participants will compare their current methods of employee feedback and design their own survey to improve internal communications and processes.

Strategic and Sustainable Social Media

How can you manage social media AND do your job without burning out?  We’ll take a realistic approach at how to assess your current social media efforts and how you should prioritize your efforts moving forward.

You can’t do it all, but you can plan for success, one initiative at a time.  In this session, we’ll identify the current trends that are impacting parks and rec in the online world.  You’ll see a variety of successful posts and campaigns from agencies like yours that have gained traction.

You’ll walk away with a reasonable action plan that makes you feel ahead of the game.

I am a proud project consultant at GreenPlay, LLC.  GreenPlay is the leading edge in parks, recreation, and open space consulting. Take a look at the services that GreenPlay has been offering to over 450 projects in over 43 states



I am constantly looking for new ways to connect with professionals in the parks and recreation field.  If you have ideas, suggestions, or questions about the site, let me know!  

If you have a podcast, upcoming video, conference, or project, and you’d like to collaborate or brainstorm, I’m up for it!

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