Training employees sounds pretty straight forward.  This might be the case if you had full-time standard staff with the same schedules every week.  You’d know what to expect and who would be the best person to train others.

When you consider the reality of our work environment, I’m supervising 6 part time employees who all work different days.  In addition, we train someone not only on ONE center, but on all THREE centers at once, with THREE different supervisors.  Talk about confusing!

In this article, I’m going to run through the CPRP recommended training process, providing my input and related articles along the way.

  1. Conduct employee needs assessment
  2. Ensure employee readiness
  3. Create learning environment
  4. Ensure transfer of training
  5. Develop evaluation plan
  6. Determine training method
  7. Monitor and evaluate program

What is an Employee Needs Assessment?

This question took me on a quest to find out what exactly an Employee Needs Assessment is and why it’s important.