Park & Rec Tools

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Favorite Project Management Tool

Wrike is an all-in-one project management and collaboration software that brings thousands of teams around the globe closer to success. It connects tasks, discussions, and emails to your actual project plan. 

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Record simple video for onboarding and training

If you've been wondering how to level up your communication, employee onboarding, and customer relationships, this is it.  Soapbox allows you to create and edit simple videos.

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Favorite Personal Task & To-Do Tool

I love using Trello to organize my personal to-dos.  It's also excellent for capturing ideas!  Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.

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Digital Onboarding for Employees

Hiring hundreds of employees during the summer season can be a #struggle.  WorkBright allows for seamless onboarding by automating the paperwork needed for HR.  Employees can fill out important documents on their phone!  Hoorah!

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Process Street

Online System for Policies and Procedures

Organize policies and procedures into a actionable template that sets your organization up for success.  This is seriously life changing for organizations like parks and rec.  Give it a try - they have a free version too!

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Employee Management & Scheduling Tool

The amount of time and energy that When2Work saves is worth every penny.  Plus, it's all mobile friendly - meaning that calling "no-shows," finding replacements, and accessing the schedule is super simple.

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G Suite

Google Docs, Drive, Calendar and Gmail

One of the best ways to collaborate on documents, share images and manage your work effectively.  It's all in the cloud, and can be an awesome alternative to Microsoft.  


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Design Flyers, Posters, and Social Media Posts

My life saver.  My go to.  My all in one social content creator.  Canva finally makes it easy to create beautiful flyers, posters, and banners.  Best of all, you can create images from the a browser or the app!

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Creative Market

Resources for design and creative work

Besides giving 6 free design goods every week, Creative Market also has a range of design assets to purchase at a reasonable rate.  Think stock photos, mock-ups, illustrations, and templates.

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Email Marketing

Everyone knows that your email list can be incredibly powerful.  What I love about MailerLite is that it is absolutely FREE with zero limitations up until 1,000 subscribers.  They allow for A/B testing, segmentation, and so much more!

CPRP Study Guides

Official Study Guide for the Certified Park and Recreation Professional Examination

5th Edition

Official Study Guide for the Certified Park and Recreation Professional Examination

4th Edition

Certified Park and Recreation Professional Exam Secrets Study Guide

NRPA CPRP Test Review for the National Recreation and Park Association’s Certified Park and Recreation Professional Exam

Building Websites & Podcasts

I’ve heard that many of you have thought about doing a similar type of project/website.  You can also create a website for your events or organization… or even just create a website for your own resume!  Here are some resources to help you along the way!  I use all of these services myself but there are hundreds of options out there for you.

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Easy and Affordable Web Hosting

I've used Bluehost from the start!  They make it super simple and easy to get started.  I highly recommend getting started with a company like Bluehost.

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Create Video from Audio

It's the secret sauce to all those super cool "audiograms" and transcribed videos.  Completely free and it's just too cool not to share.