Recruiting Quality Applicants in a Competitive Economy

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Recruiting Quality Applicants in a Competitive Economy

Brand the Job.

Learn the art of selling your seasonal jobs.  Position your seasonal jobs as an incredible learning opportunity to build critical job skills while working in a rewarding position.

Optimize Your Application Process.

Gen Z and Millennials will probably be your main recruits for these jobs.  Be sure that you have an online process that is straight-forward and easy to access.  Call applicants back quickly.

Utilize a mixed marketing approach.

Learn Facebook and Google ads to advertise to your next employee.  You can target ads specifically to those you want to see it: local or national audience, young or old, interests and hobbies, unemployed vs employed, etc.  These online tactics can attract serious attention.

Offer Referral Programs.

Your current employees are your best advocates!  Develop a referral program that rewards them for bringing in their friends.  You can bet that they have an active social media to share if the incentives are right: think weekends off, free ice cream, rec pass, etc.

Let Your Culture (& Process) Be Known.

Create a video about who you are and what your organization stands for.  Talk about values that make your team great.  Walk them through the application process, the training involved, and what to expect on a day to day basis.  Clarity up front will make the difference long term.

Give them the perks!

Set your new employees up with a t-shirt, name tag, water bottle, stickers, a backpack, free lunch, etc.  Things that make them feel special.  It shows that they belong.  If it’s cool, they’ll wear it, which means they become a walking advertisement for your organization.

Make information accessible.

Chances are, your information isn’t as accessible as you think. Be sure that your job description is easy to read and easy to find.  Share the new opportunity with community partners, fellow employees, and other user groups through on and offline methods.

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