Should plan program with

First step = assessment process= APIE

A = Assessment

P= Planning

I = Implementation

E = Evaluation

This process should uncover three things!

  1. problems and needs:  what is their problem?  what do they need?  what do they want to achieve?  preclude full functioning desire
  2. srengths and abilities: every individual has strengths – how to uncover?
  3. client expectations – ID goals, expectations and interests

OBSERVING AND INTERVIEWING = 2 most common methods

Interviewing is the most common

Observation is the second most common


Once the needs are determined –> Create participant plan


  1. assessment (strengths, abilities, problems, needs)
  2. goal statements (short term, long term)
  3. intervention strategy (types of programs and services and how they will participate)
  4. outcome and evaluation plan (description and plan to measure outcomes)
  5. Inclusion Plan – final component (transition) – describes how participant will be moved into a community program

Treatment philosphy?  Resources?  Evidence of collaboration between family and treatment team