Professional Development for Parks & Rec Leaders with Anthony Iracki

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"You are a caretaker of the community, but you need to take care of yourself first."

In this episode, I had the great opportunity to interview Anthony Iracki, MS, CPRP, for an exciting conversation about professional development in the field of parks and recreation. As a young professional, Anthony has some truly incredible insights that are applicable for both current and future leaders. You’ll love this one.  Please share it.

Anthony is Raising the Bar:

  • By reminding professionals that putting your mental and physical health first is actually the key to serving others best
  • By encouraging us to use the word “no” as motivation to keep pushing towards  long term goals
  • By prioritizing FUN back into our job – because that’s what parks and recreation is all about!
  • By thinking of collaboration as a positive endeavor rather than a threat

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How current leaders in the field can help prepare the next generation
  • The steps that students and young professionals can take to work their way up in the field – hint: it’s all about connection.
  • What the future of parks and recreation look like when Millennials are in leadership positions
  • Tactical approaches for being a leader without the title
  • Why “Culture Creators” can have serious positive impact on your community
  • And so much more… seriously, you gotta listen to this one!

"Leadership is Situational. Leadership can come from anyone. You just have to not be afraid to fail; to know when to push and know when to step back."

Anthony Iracki

Anthony Iracki

The words “During working hours, we make a living. During leisure hours, we make a life" ring true for Anthony Iracki, a supervisor for the Village of Brown Deer Parks and Recreation Department. Anthony has worked in the field of parks and recreation since the age of 16, and he is passionate about enhancing the quality of life for everyone in his community. His focuses include innovative program development, business partnerships, conservation through education, and social equity in programming. Anthony’s ultimate goal is to ensure that every resident in his community has the opportunity to truly experience life.

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