Preparing for Summer with Jayna Lang

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Jayna Lang’s first job was as a lifeguard at her local pool; she turned that summer job into a lifelong career through parks and recreation. She worked her way up to the Recreation Program Supervisor role, learning valuable lessons along the way.  In this conversation, we talk about onboarding new employees, training them efficiently, and making sure to establish a values-first organization (this starts in the interview!).  When asked what she looks for when hiring new employees, she says unequivocally, “enthusiasm and a passion for serving the community.”  Then, we dive into what it takes to form a successful relationship with partners in local communities.


Jayna is Raising the Bar…

  • By treating her employees as people first – and instilling organizational values from the start
  • By consistently looking into the future to answer, “What’s next?”
  • By using partnerships and collaboration to do more with less


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Jayna worked her way up in the parks and recreation field, starting first as a lifeguard
  • The systems and processes that Jayna uses to efficiently hire and onboard new employees
  • Key communication tips that Jayna uses to keep in touch with her team


Links & Resources Mentioned:

City of Lakewood Parks and Recreation Master Plan:

Colorado Parks and Recreation Association 

Workbrite is a new tool that Jayna mentioned for onboarding employees

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