Preparing for the Next Generation of Recreation Leaders with Art Thatcher

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Today I talked to Art Thatcher, who is a Principle with GreenPlay.  A LOT is changing in the world of parks and recreation. I had the privledge of sitting down with Arthur Thatcher with GreenPlay LLC to talk about the ways the young professionals are changing the face of recreation. I love his perspective on the trends of parks recreation and the way that it’s going.   

Art talks about the ways in which millennials are shifting the workplaces of parks and recreation agencies.  We also talk about how our communities are shifting from registered programs to drop-in recreation opportunities.  Those “meet-up” type of programs allow busy individuals the ability to participate when its convenient for them.  Social Media is a whole new outlet for parks and recreation, and it allows those drop-in type of programs to thrive.



In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Entrepreneurship of millennials in our field and beyond
  • The specialization of parks and rec career paths
  • The changing on-demand nature of programs
  • How social media and connectivity will impact our field
  • The need for flexible schedules and workplaces.
Art Thatcher

Art Thatcher

Art is a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional with 30 years of experience in public parks and recreation operations, programming and administration, volunteer board leadership, facility design and operations, and community engagement.

Throughout his career, Art has concentrated on strategic and master planning, youth civic engagement and teen comprehensive planning, operations and facility management planning, outdoor adventure recreation development and programming, and community engagement facilitation.

Art also has extensive experience working with local, state and national legislators as a subject matter expert and an advocate for the profession. He is the 2014 President and Chair of the Board of the Virginia Recreation and Parks Society.

He was recently recognized for his dedication and contributions to the profession and received the VRPS President’s Award in 2012 and the VRPS Distinguished Service Award in 2013.

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