Scheduling Software for Parks and Recreation Professionals

It’s January, so in the world of parks and recreation, we are already late to be thinking about 2018 summer operations.  Nevertheless, here I am to present some a few tips about scheduling software for parks and recreation professionals. How do you currently schedule your employees? Let me know in the comments! For some of you, I’ll be honest – online employee scheduling might not be necessary. … Read More

Exploring a New Side of Great Sand Dunes

We travelled to Great Sand Dunes National Park before, but this time was different. We wanted to see more than the sand this time. We wanted to experience a new side of the dunes. Long before we arrived, we chose Great Sand Dunes for a reason. It was only four hours from Boulder. A reasonable drive for two people who had never driven their pull-behind camper … Read More

How Parks and Recreation Professionals Can Be More Efficient

  Finally, a realistic resolution. In January, we’ll talk about how Parks and Recreation Professionals can be more efficient. Each week, I’ll deliver a blog post that will help you save time when operating parks and recreation facilities. After all, this entire website is dedicated to the idea that parks and recreation should raise the bar! What does it mean to raise the bar? Raising the bar … Read More

RV Road Trip

A Road Trip…   Follow us our fall road trip from Colorado to Georgia!  On our way, we’ll be making some deliberate detours to destinations we’ve always wanted to visit.  Our goal in this trip is to live big in a tiny space.  Our home for the next few months is a 14ft FunFinder  Some call it the “minimal lifestyle” but we’re really just trying to … Read More

On-Demand Recreation Experiences

The outdoor industry has changed. The barriers that newcomers used to face when embarking on new experiences are being replaced with technology that makes recreational activities available on demand. How will you keep up? Like many people, my first camping experience was with a girl scout troup when I was ten years old. It was with this fine group of pre-teens that I was introduced to … Read More

When Parks and Rec Rules the World

What happens when the field of parks and recreation reaches its potential? Will your recreation provider also become your healthcare provider? Will the best and brightest people compete to work for their local parks and recreation? Will we finally invest ample money – not only into new parks – but to maintaining and marketing parks, services, and facilities? That’s what I keep wondering, because I know … Read More

4 Steps to Stand Out in the Online Application Process

Have you ever spent hours crafting the perfect resume, cover letter, and application? You hold your breathe and click on the dreaded SEND button. Your application has been submitted to the employer of your dreams. It will be only be a matter of days before they call you, anxiously awaiting to meet you in person. Then, you will land your dream job and live happily ever … Read More

Trello for Parks and Recreation

Have you ever left a meeting feeling like nothing was accomplished?  Have you ever wanted to visualize your project and collaborate with team members?  In this post, we’ll explore a free task management tool called Trello that you can use to maximize your productivity. Easy to understand, easy to collaborate, and easy to incorporate. No sales pitch here, just an honest look at a tool that makes … Read More