First step to a maintenance plan – develop maintenance objectives and standards

Maintenance standards and productivity standards provide insight into the expectations of the organization.

Maintenance standards might include expectations for the way a building should be cleaned – Gym Floor 1 should be dust mopped 2 times per day, whereas a productivity standard might state that a 5 ft Dry Mop allow an employee to clean 2000 sq feet in 30 minutes.  Productivity standards are most specific.

Preventative Maintenance is an ongoing planned maintenance routine that improves organizational efficiency.  The frequency of the routine may depend on what it is, the cost in maintenance, how important the service is to the agency if the item is seasonal or year round, etc.

Routine Maintenance can be planned, scheduled, or it may be called upon due to a work order.  It usually is not called upon due to a loss of service but is probably a result of a known ongoing equipment or facility need.  It may include the basic cleaning or facility maintenance, painting, lighting needs, etc.

Landscape maintenance might include goals and objectives, site inventory, maintenance tasks, scheduling of tasks, supplies needed, and fauna/facilities/topography, soils, utility and communicaiton lines, communication procedures, etc.