Keeping Leisure in your Life during Covid-19 w/ Katherine Darcangelis

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A Candid conversation with Katherine Darcangelis of

If you’ve never heard of What The Rec, you’ve been missing out!  What The Rec was created by Katherine Dancangelis, who has a passion for Therapeutic Recreation – specifically gerontology (older adults). In this episode, we talk about what she loves about her job, why she started her website, and advice for anyone looking to get into the field. Enjoy!


About Katherine:

Katherine Darcangelis is the founder/creator of  What The Rec resource and development tools website. She is currently a full-time Recreation Director for an adult daycare facility in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

She recently finished up a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management, to better understand how to serve those in the various populations that recreation is utilized.

Along with this, she also holds a strong background in Therapeutic Recreation and Human Development; with an emphasis in gerontology. She has a passion for the geriatric field, and a strong desire to propel the recreation/activity profession(s) forward and be at the forefront of geriatric care services. She is a member of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association, serving on the Student Development Committee, and is head Student Outreach Liaison. Her work has been published on ATRA as well as other recreation platforms, and her What The Rec Facebook community is growing daily.

With her knowledge, experience and skill set, she aims to provide you will a resource that empowers you to build the best programs, departments and nonprofit agencies catered to your clients.

A recreation professional should have a strong understanding of their own leisure interests & needs. Kate loves reading for leisure, crafting, blogging, and exploring museums.


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