Computer programs that allow organizations to organize information – equipment might include, reservation systems, registration systems.

Employees benefit the most from improved inofmration systems.  These improvements will empower employees to become more educated in their working systems, be more efficient with day to day operaitons, be more creative with their endeavors,  and continue their education for personal and professional growth.

Input – collecting the data

Communication – ability to move and use information

Process – how the information was transferred

Storage – keeping data

Retrieve/Recall – ability to extract information

Output- using the data in new ways – transforming the information to be usable

7th Annual

Transaction Management… different types of systems:

Registration forms – must be simple, gain as much information as possible, dates, contact info, program titles/fees/dates, items to bring to program, payment method, liability release, instructions to complete registration

Registration Process – main goal: serve the public or the participant

  1. Prep for registration – Register customers for programs
  2. Enter forms and collect data in system
  3. Cash Handling and processing
  4. Reporting the data – how many participants?  who will be reserving facility?
  5. Purchase supplies

If P+R agencies are unable to afford automated systems, then they will need to create their own systems for: