How Parks and Recreation Professionals Can Be More Efficient

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Finally, a realistic resolution.

In January, we’ll talk about how Parks and Recreation Professionals can be more efficient. Each week, I’ll deliver a blog post that will help you save time when operating parks and recreation facilities.

After all, this entire website is dedicated to the idea that parks and recreation should raise the bar!

What does it mean to raise the bar?

Raising the bar in our field looks like being more efficient, more effective, more streamlined.  It means acting less like a government organization and more like a small business. It means taking more strategic risks, treating people like people, and utilizing the tools at hand to make wise decisions.

One hurdle that I’ve seen is the lack of relevant information for parks and recreation professionals.  While there is endless knowledge on the internet for all sort of corporations, entrepreneurs, and startups, there needs to be a deeper conversation around the specific needs of parks and rec professionals.

You are the ones in your community that are making a true difference.  Through your programs, services, volunteerism, and sports, you mold the community to a better version of itself.  You teach children lessons, you keep adults in shape, you bring seniors together.  Without you, where would they be?

In January, I’ll be talking about one of my favorite topics ever: Efficiency!

My hope is that you walk away with information that helps you be more efficient and effective in your work.  We can use technology to create systems that make our lives easier.  We can stop recreating the wheel once we start embracing the tools that already exist.

Efficiency Series Schedule

Week 1: What Scheduling Software Works Best For Parks and Recreation Employees?

Week 2:  Online Fitness Classes: Low-Cost Options for Making the Switch from PDF Schedules

Week 3: Creating an Internal Maintenance Trello Board

Week 4: Three Free Ways to Get Customer Feedback




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