Starting a Parks and Recreation Department from Scratch

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Jay is Raising the Bar By:

  • Trusting his team, their decision-making, and their ability to get the job done
  • Investing in professional development and educational opportunities for his staff
  • Taking a unique and engaging approach to communicating their offerings to their community

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The steps Jay took to lead a new parks and recreation department from scratch
  • The philosophy behind creating a positive and trusting workplace culture
  • Advice for young professionals who are looking for a career in parks and recreation

Links to Check Out:

“There’s really no such thing as failure because we are constantly learning and growing as a team -- and also as individuals -- to help the community.”

Jay Tryon

Jay Tryon

Jay Tryon is the Director of Parks & Recreation for the Town of Indian Trail.  This is a fairly new department that was started in 2013. Since its creation Jay has lead his team to open over 100 acres of parks and currently is finishing the Towns first Strategic Masterplan. While in Indian Trail he has built a department known for providing top notch programming and facilities and leading the way with innovative amenities in the region. Prior to this position he spent 7 ½ years with Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation. Throughout his time with Mecklenburg County he held a few different roles including operations director of special event facilities and athletics supervisor coordinator. Jay is a member of NCRPA and NRPA and is the past chair of Young Professional Network. He is also a member of the CAPRA Commission. In 2015 he was awarded one of NRPAs Young Professional fellowships. He is a graduate of SUNY Brockport with a major in Recreation & Leisure Studies and a concentration in Recreation Management.

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