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Studying for the CPRP exam can be tough! Imagine if you had a colleague that could walk you through the different chapters of the test and prepare you? What if you could get a head start by getting some awesome study tips from someone who has actually been there? In this video, and in the study guide below, that's exactly what I'll do! I'll walk you through everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the Certified Parks and Recreation Professional exam.

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Once you purchase this study guide, you’ll have full-access to the 45+ page pdf – otherwise known as your ultimate study buddy! It will walk you through the 5 primary components of the CPRP exam in an easy to read (and understand) format. 

Imagine when you can cPRP after your Name... a mark of a true recreation professional!

This study guide is for parks and recreation professionals who are qualified and have signed up for the CPRP Exam through NRPA's website. Please know that this study guide isn't endorsed, supported, or in any way affiliated with NRPA or the CPRP exam. It's simply my own notes, based on my own experiences, that I want to share so that you can pass your exam.


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Not sure what to expect?  Grab this 2-page overview to get a handle on the exam. 

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What's Inside?

When you purchase the study guide, you’ll have one year of access to a 48 page pdf study guide.  It’s broken down into small chunks, allowing you to take each day at a time.  Within the pdf, you’ll find links to videos, slideshows, flashcards, and articles that can help you dive deeper into the materials. 

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