Celebrate Community Milestones with Jason Hendrix

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Raising the bar means making sure that you've made someone's life better.

It is so important to celebrate milestones.  Small or big, all wins all matter. Celebrating means that you’ve reached some sort of milestone.  Maybe you set a goal at the beginning of the year, and you’ve finally reached it.  Celebrate it!  Maybe your employee went above and beyond, celebrate it!  Or if you’re like the Menifee California, maybe you’re coming up on a milestone of being incorporated for 10 years, definitely celebrate it.

When you appreciate the milestones in your agency and in your life, you tell the world how important your goals are.  That in turn, makes you and your team more motivated to keep establishing new goals and working even harder to make them happen.   Listen to this episode as we talk to Jason Hendrix from the City of Menifee to talk about how this team of dedicated professionals is celebrating 10 years.  Their event ideas, planning preparation, and energy will make you think what YOU can celebrate next.

Jason Hendrix

Jason Hendrix

Jason Hendrix is a local government professional with 15 years of government experience and is currently a Community Services Supervisor with the City of Menifee. Jason is extremely passionate about the Parks & Recreation industry and has coordinated or supervised numerous program areas including: youth sports, special events, after school programs and now also supervises the Park Ranger Program and Homeless Task Force.

Jason holds an AA from the University of Phoenix and holds several Park & Rec certifications including being a certified trainer of trainers for California School Age Consortium, and a certified youth and adult sports official. Jason has served as Vice President on the California Parks & Recreation District 11 board and has held the office of President of the Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation on two separate occasions. In his spare time, Jason can be found cheering on his beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish, recording his ‘Dos Leprechauns’ podcast with his son, or training for 5k’s. Jason lives in Riverside with his wife, Elizabeth, who works with special needs students, his two children whom he adores; Nathan and Alyssa, and his dogs Rocky and Bagheera.

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