The Role of Power in Workplace Culture

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Being too good at your job can backfire.   Imagine that you’re a Recreation Supervisor and you’ve just hired a smart-as-a-whip marketing intern (let’s call her Amy) who suddenly ends up exceeding all expectations.  Next thing you know, she’s made friends with all the campers, created a new community event, and established a rockin’ presence on […]

Navigating Parks and Recreation as a Student with Deona Micheli

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What do you do once you figure out that you want a job in Parks and Recreation?   This is the question that Deona and I started with in this conversation.  Deona reached out to me as a current student in the parks and recreation field. I definitely see her as an up-and-coming leader in our […]

Future Trends in Recreation Centers with Craig Bouck

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Today I have got a great interview for you!  I am talking to Craig Bouck from BRS Associates about future trends in recreation centers, including aquatics, operations, planning, and design. BRS is a planning and design firm that focuses primarily on community and recreation design.  They work around the country to provide bring a lot […]

Trust Me Now, Judge Me Later with Pat O’Toole

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Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I am talking to Pat O’toole, who is a Principal with GreenPlay. I had the pleasure of speaking with him while we were traveling in Arizona for a recent project.  He’s got a wealth of experience so I encourage you to go to GreenPlay LLC to check out his […]

Staying Relevant in Parks and Recreation with Chris Nunes

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Staying Relevant in Parks and Recreation is no easy task.  Technology is moving at a rapid pace.  Trends seem to change daily.  What, then, does it mean for agencies to stay relevant? How do we decide when to compete, collaborate, or step back?  In this episode, I talk to Chris Nunes from the Woodlands Township to […]

Celebrate Community Milestones with Jason Hendrix

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Raising the bar means making sure that you’ve made someone’s life better. Jason Hendrix Tweet It is so important to celebrate milestones.  Small or big, all wins all matter. Celebrating means that you’ve reached some sort of milestone.  Maybe you set a goal at the beginning of the year, and you’ve finally reached it.  Celebrate […]

Engaging the Public: Conservation & Recreation with Keri Konold

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“I encourage professionals to not be daunted by public engagement, but rather embrace it… so our communities whom we serve can go out and have experiences that they value.” Keri Konold Tweet I had the pleasure to interview Keri Konold on the podcast this week to talk about public engagement in relation to conservation and […]

Emerging Trends in Parks and Playgrounds with Dustin Graham

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In this episode, Dustin Graham talks about emerging trends in parks and playgrounds.  We get deep into how playgrounds are the foundation for skill building and risk taking. What does the future of parks look like?  What happens when cookie cutter playgrounds get replaced by unique, creative, and imaginative structures? [podbean resource=”episode=4w3ka-938597″ type=”audio-rectangle” height=”100″ skin=”3″ […]

Professional Development for Parks & Rec Leaders with Anthony Iracki

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“You are a caretaker of the community, but you need to take care of yourself first.” Anthony Iracki Tweet In this episode, I had the great opportunity to interview Anthony Iracki, MS, CPRP, for an exciting conversation about professional development in the field of parks and recreation. As a young professional, Anthony has some truly […]

Preparing for Summer with Jayna Lang

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Jayna Lang’s first job was as a lifeguard at her local pool; she turned that summer job into a lifelong career through parks and recreation. She worked her way up to the Recreation Program Supervisor role, learning valuable lessons along the way.  In this conversation, we talk about onboarding new employees, training them efficiently, and […]