Scheduling Software for Parks and Recreation Professionals

It’s January, so in the world of parks and recreation, we are already late to be thinking about 2018 summer operations.  Nevertheless, here I am to present some a few tips about scheduling software for parks and recreation professionals. How do you currently schedule your employees? Let me know in the comments! For some of you, I’ll be honest – online employee scheduling might not be necessary. … Read More

How Parks and Recreation Professionals Can Be More Efficient

  Finally, a realistic resolution. In January, we’ll talk about how Parks and Recreation Professionals can be more efficient. Each week, I’ll deliver a blog post that will help you save time when operating parks and recreation facilities. After all, this entire website is dedicated to the idea that parks and recreation should raise the bar! What does it mean to raise the bar? Raising the bar … Read More

Trello for Parks and Recreation

Have you ever left a meeting feeling like nothing was accomplished?  Have you ever wanted to visualize your project and collaborate with team members?  In this post, we’ll explore a free task management tool called Trello that you can use to maximize your productivity. Easy to understand, easy to collaborate, and easy to incorporate. No sales pitch here, just an honest look at a tool that makes … Read More

An Ever Changing Visual World

The Need for Visuals We’ve all heard this phrase before: A picture is worth 1000 words I truly believe that visuals are necessary in this changing fast paced world.  No longer do we have time to read a 6-page paper on a topic.  We need engaging photos, videos, interactive infographics, and self explanatory graphics. We are inundated with information from every angle; we need to be … Read More