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Hey Everyone,  Thank you so much for attending this session.  Here are the slides!

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Katy is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and received her degree in Recreation & Park Management from Appalachian State University in 2011. Following graduation, Katy worked as a Recreation Specialist for Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation. In March 2015, she was hired by the Town of Indian Trail Parks & Recreation where her main responsibilities include marketing, programming and park projects. Katy is also the East Central Regional rep for the NRPA’s YPN State Associations Committee and is active in the NCRPA YPN with Student Outreach. Outside of work Katy enjoys spending time with her husband and keeping up with her two toddlers.

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Katy is Raising the Bar:

  • By showing up online and offline in so many different professional networks.  She gives VALUE.
  • By understanding her own habits and implementing strategies that would catch her own attention on social media.
  • By empathizing with her audience so that they can relate to their agency
  • By implementing systems to implement creative ideas from staff

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to get your audience to tag their friends and engage with your office
  • How creating a REACTION in people will help them stop and pay attention.
  • How one of Indian Trail’s event promotion on Facebook reached 1,000,000 people!
  • Why Awesome PRIZES will promote engagement and inspire people to share your post.
  • How to successfully and strategically plan out social media content without burning out

Additional Links:

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Ok!  So now that you’ve new creative strategies for marketing your programs and services, how do you feel?  Let me know in the comments with a GIF!

Instagram is where it’s at!  Seriously, I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see Parks and Recreation departments utilize this visually engaging platform to engage with their audience.  Every day, I see a new way of promoting and sharing content that’s never been done before!  We can all stand to learn from each other and share what’s working. I follow a ton of social media accounts by parks and rec depts on Instagram (if you want me to follow you, follow me :)) . Every time I see another unique post, I save it to “my collection” on Instagram.  Then, I embed it into here.   Check back often, I’ll try to update this post every week or so.

ALSO – This page will load slower than usual – there are many pictures and videos that are loading. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks!  Be sure to give ’em a like and a follow so you can see what they’re up to in the future.

Videos & Boomerangs!

First day of Summer Camps! Stay tuned for more!!!

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The OVC Softball Championship is in full swing! Come out for day two, tomorrow!

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What a wonderful day to fly a kite….

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Before & After Video of a New Playground

Re-Imagine Play is an innovative approach to #playground design that creates a multi-generational activity environment, giving all park users the opportunity to remain active through play. The Re-Imagine Play design embraces the natural topography of the park, and combines #placemaking and creative #play elements to create a dynamic public space in an area of the city that lacks green space and other amenities. With close proximity to public transit, trails and the #library, the completion of the park improvements build on recent investments in the #neighborhood. “These improvements here at Paco Sanchez Park will play a transformative role in how our kids and families in these neighborhoods connect with the outdoors and recreational activities here in Denver,” @mayorhancock said. “As one of the first #ElevateDenver bond projects to get underway, Phase II will provide even more of these experience to residents here on the westside. When it’s complete, you won’t find another park in #Denver or in the country that will compare to Paco Sanchez Park!” #letsgoplay

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Sharing the Summer Fun!


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Gotta love a post-work paddle board session ☀• PC ?: @trebizord • #boiseparks

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Ah, technology.  I love it and I hate it.  I’m an advocate for it and yet most of the time I feel absolutely clueless when I’m using it.  I’ve taught myself how to code websites, create a podcast (kinda), use project management software, and use countless other programs. Yet have trouble making phone calls and using Google Maps.  Life is weird.

In this episode, I talk about the fact that failure is 1. 100% ok when you are trying new things; and 2. When you are working with new technology, you can bet that something is going to go wrong.  That’s okay.  How will you pick yourself back up and move forward?  If you’re the leader, and you see your employee take a risk, are you the kind of person who will encourage that person to keep trying?

Next week, I’ll be back with a new episode – another interview – so stay tuned!  Share this episode if you liked it!

Oh, and if you are interested…here is the link to the social media analytics presentation I did last week.

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Thanks for attending the webinar about social media analytics!  If this is your first time here, welcome!

Here is the handout: Analytics-Worksheet

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Resources for social media analytics:

Google Analytics

Free Guide to Google Analytics

The Cheat Sheet – Analytics and Insights for Instagram and Instagram Stories

The Cheat Sheet: YouTube Analytics And Insights

 Sprout Social Blog on Social Media Analytics

How To Use Social Media Analytics To Create The Best Content

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Renee Raney loves her job. She is the Parks Operations Supervisor of Events for Cheaha State Park. Each and everyday, people travel to the park to participate in the unique programs and activities the park offers.

Whether its “Hammocking 101, the “Women’s Wilderness Weekend,” or the countless other outdoor programs, Renee is behind the scenes making sure that the variety and quality of programs is the best it possibly can be.

She instills her own love of nature in all of the work she does, which is evident to the 36,000 Facebook followers she helps engage on social media. Sometimes she shares recipes for herbal tea, other times she tells a story of a park guest who had an interesting experience.

Most of the followers know her by name and it’s easy to know why. She’s in tune with the community, and has the skills and experience to create and market programs to suit their desires. She makes it look easy.

In reality, many programmers in the field of parks and recreation know that creating a new program can be downright challenging. Beyond developing the idea, the supplies, the staff needed, and the outcomes, you also have to prove that it’s a valuable program to pursue. Renee has developed her own evaluation tool that measures the success of the program (and regularly sees a 600% learning increase!).

To say I was impressed with this tool was an understatement. Then, when Renee mentioned that her program plans look like a movie script, it all made sense.

She’s the director. The staff are the actors. And all of the community is the audience. I can bet that they’d give her a standing ovation for the incredible work she’s doing at Cheaha State Park.

Talking to Renee was like talking to an old friend. I hope you feel the same way when you listen to the podcast.

“Be as perceptive of your audience as you can be. Be real.”

Renee is Raising the Bar…

  • by being data-driven.
  • by creatively using her skills to improve her organization.
  • by being in tune with her community.
  • by authentically sharing her story.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The path Renee took to get to the job she loves
  • How to try new program ideas when there isn’t a proven concept
  • The unique way that Renee is able to track success in programs
  • How Renee manages to engage 36,000+ followers on Facebook

Quick Tips on Social Media from Renee:

  • Each day, schedule hourly Facebook posts for the next day
  • You can post the same things multiple times but there’s a trick to it; remember that there’s a different audience at 9am than at 8pm
  • Bring a personal touch to your comments; put your name behind it if you write it.
  • When promoting an event, create a specific Facebook event page. Then, promote this event 10+ times, exchanging the photos of team
  • If someone shares your post, always comment and say “thank you”

“When you post about success and optimism and the beauty of natural resources and the incredible staff that are keeping it in operation… it’s a win-win.”


Cheaha State Park Facebook Page
Cheaha State Park Website
Alabama State Park

Cheaha State Park is promoting natural resource conservation, outdoor recreation, environmental education, wellness, community, and partnerships in a way that all of those interconnect for the improvement of the individual’s experience and the community’s perception of the park.

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