Scheduling Software for Parks and Recreation Professionals

It’s January, so in the world of parks and recreation, we are already late to be thinking about 2018 summer operations.  Nevertheless, here I am to present some a few tips about scheduling software for parks and recreation professionals. How do you currently schedule your employees? Let me know in the comments! For some of you, I’ll be honest – online employee scheduling might not be necessary. … Read More

On-Demand Recreation Experiences

The outdoor industry has changed. The barriers that newcomers used to face when embarking on new experiences are being replaced with technology that makes recreational activities available on demand. How will you keep up? Like many people, my first camping experience was with a girl scout troup when I was ten years old. It was with this fine group of pre-teens that I was introduced to … Read More

When Parks and Rec Rules the World

What happens when the field of parks and recreation reaches its potential? Will your recreation provider also become your healthcare provider? Will the best and brightest people compete to work for their local parks and recreation? Will we finally invest ample money – not only into new parks – but to maintaining and marketing parks, services, and facilities? That’s what I keep wondering, because I know … Read More

Crowding at our Parks — What’s acceptable? What’s not? — Recreation Opportunity Spectrum

Trails and parks are becoming increasingly popular these days.  It seems like almost every weekend that I trek to my favorite trails, the story is the same.  The parking lot is full.  Picnic tables are taken.  The trails are packed with hikers, bikers, equestrians, and dogs.  I wonder if I would even consider this enjoyable.  I wonder if others feel the same.   Then I remembered … Read More

Hire the Best Seasonal Parks and Rec Employees

Every year, Parks and Recreation departments hire an influx of seasonal staff to run their camps, programs, and daily operations. We depend on these seasonal staff to help us through the busiest time of year! Before you get started calling those next employees, follow the process below. Take Your Time Hire slow, Fire fast. Give yourself and your team plenty of time to make this hiring … Read More

Best Parks and Recreation Blogs of 2018

Updated February 1, 2018 A curated list of the best parks and recreation blogs for the dedicated professional.  Great for entry level programmers, facility supervisors, tech-savvy leaders, park planners, playground inspectors, parks and rec directors.  All the above.  This is a list that you can refer back to in order to find interesting and new trends in our field of parks and rec. Leave a comment … Read More

Finding Authenticity as a New Leader

“the hardest person you will ever have to lead is yourself.” ― Bill George, Discover Your True North   As Parks and Recreation Professionals… many of us are in leadership roles where we have the great responsibility of managing people. Beyond excellent communication and organization skills, there’s another skill that you need in your tool belt.  That trait is authenticity, and that’s the topic I’d like … Read More

Planning an Emergency Training

In a little over three months, we will be hosting our annual emergency safety training.  This training opportunity comes about once a year and this time, it’s my turn to plan it. Resources I’ve Used in This Article: Parks and Recreation Business: “A Plan for Action” Facilities Net: “How to Categorize Risk” *Note: This article is a work in progress!  I am currently working on steps … Read More