Becky Dunlap

Everyday as parks and recreation professionals, we have the opportunity to change lives.  This site  is an opportunity to share those stories and empower leaders in our field.

Before this journey began, I had no idea that Parks and Recreation was a career path… until I went through an exploratory career class during my freshman year attending the University of Georgia.  I interviewed professionals in the field and researched the types of jobs you could get. I was hooked. Once I decided on my new major of “Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism,” I involved myself in all areas of the field, starting as a volunteer for a local wildlife sanctuary and park.  I worked my way up and by the time I graduated, had secured a full-time role as a recreation assistant.  

I dreamed about becoming a parks and recreation director, and set a goal for myself to reach that role in 10 years. In order to achieve that goal, I felt like I needed to surround myself with the best in the industry.  In my head, that meant moving to Boulder, Colorado, where some of the best parks, trails, and facilities existed.  I slowly got my foot in the door as a part-time front desk attendant at a recreation assistant.  After nine months, a new position that sounded perfect for me – Facility Coordinator.  I landed the job and spent my time supervising other employees, employing efficiencies and best practices, and optimizing our onboarding procedures.

Along the way, I managed to connect with co-owners of GreenPlay, LLC, Chris Dropinski and Dr. Teresa Penbrooke.  I realized that this company was the perfect fit for me, as it supported my natural entrepreneurial strengths while helping parks and recreation professionals in the field.  I can say with full certainty that I have found my dream job.  It certainly wasn’t what I expected when I embarked on this path, but sometimes life offers incredible opportunities when you least expect it.  I now have the privilege to speak across the country about topics of marketing, technology, and professional development. 

Becky Talks Parks is my passion project…my way of helping the best and brightest professionals in our field feel motivated and inspired to keep going.  I know that working in government can feel stifling at times, but there are thousands of professionals out there working to make the world a better place. You are not alone in your efforts. Thank YOU.

Some of the highlights of my career thus far:

  • Speaking at NRPA (3x), Colorado, Wisconsin,  Missouri, and Georgia
  • Co-creating the Marketing and Communications Certificate through NRPA
  • Networking with incredible professionals who are passionate about the work we do
  • Traveling and visiting parks across the country in a 13ft camper with my dog and hubby
  • Starting the Becky Talks Parks podcast and sharing it with parks and recreation professionals around the world
  • Being able to travel and see new places through my career


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