About Becky

My name is Becky, and I want to talk about parks.  Actually, I want to talk about the potential of parks.  We know that parks and recreation is a critical piece of a community.  Research shows that nature reduces depression and decreases stress. Green Spaces increase home prices and attract tourism. 

Why, then, aren’t parks treated as essential services to the community?  I believe that the responsibility lies in the next generation of leaders.  We’ll need to step up, recognize the value in parks, and take action to prioritize parks and recreation opportunities.  

This site is for those leaders.  It’s to have a safe place to exchange ideas, ask real questions, and share the true story of working in the field.  

Purpose of this Project

To inspire the next generation of leaders to raise the bar in the field of parks and recreation through innovation, collaboration, and thoughtful leadership.

Becky Dunlap is a passionate parks and recreation professional and a life-long learner.  She started her parks and recreation career without knowing it.  As a lifelong soccer player, she started refereeing and coaching boys and girls soccer teams in her teens. She had so much fun, she didn’t actually know that this was a career.  Neither did any of her friends or family.  After committing to the University of Georgia, she eventually found the Warnell School of Forestry and majored in Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism.  She was awarded the Barrs Entrepreneurial Scholarship award, which was given to one student who demonstrated innovative solutions in the recreation and natural resources field.  She also received the Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism student of the year award. 

During college, she taught herself website design, web development, and graphic design.  She volunteered at the local animal sanctuary and park and built websites for small businesses on the side. After graduating college with a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources, she worked for Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services as a Recreation Programmer.  She managed volunteers, camps, rentals, and environmental education. Her and her husband moved from Athens, Georgia to Boulder, Colorado where she worked for the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation as a Facility Coordinator.  Supervising employees and improving operations lit a fire under her.  She loved managing people and helping others grow.  She realized that by putting people first, everything else happened naturally.  She found ways to automate her work through technology, and she shared those innovations with her team.  

Fast Forward to 2018, and Becky is a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional (CPRP), and now works for GreenPlay, LLC, The Leading Edge in Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Planning.  She is a project consultant, where she travels to local parks and rec around the country to help them create a vision for their communities.  She has seen the power of parks and recreation to improve quality of life, and she wants to remind other professionals in the field to keep believing in the power of parks!  

“Becky Talks Parks” is her passion project.  It is the vessel to share resources, tips, and tools with an already-amazing group of professionals.  

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