This site is for passionate parks and recreation professionals with a vision to impact the community through innovation, collaboration, and thoughtful leadership.


To provide the tools, resources, insights, and career advice for parks and recreation professionals to be the best version of themselves.

Who is Becky, and Why Is She Talking About Parks?

Hey there, glad you asked!  That's me!  I'm a gal with a passion for parks and recreation.  I created this website to share ideas, marketing tips, career advice, trends, and insights of working in the field.

After years of searching online for a human voice in the field of parks and recreation,  I decided to fill a void. No giant organizations behind me.  Just me, who's just like you.  A recreation professional.

How Did I Get Here?

I grew up playing on team sports and spending time in the woods behind my house, where a combined love for people and nature planted the roots for my career.

Before I entered into college at the Warnell School of Forestry, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life.  Desperate for answers, I signed up for a career class with other indecisive people with "undecided" majors.

The goal of the class was to narrow down the thousands of career paths available into one viable choice.  No pressure there!  Just choosing the path for the rest of my life!

I knew I liked working outside, and I knew I liked working with people.  That led me to decide on a major in the field of parks and recreation.

In my career thus far, I've worked as a soccer coach, referee, field marshall, zoo program host, environmental interpreter, trail guide, water conservation intern, birthday party host, tour guide, social media manager, web designer, recreation assistant, contentmanager, public speaker, manager on duty, demographics and trends specialist, and facility coordinator. I am now a Project Consultant for Greenplay LLC.   The field of parks and recreation is very diverse!

I believe the opportunities are endless in the field of parks and recreation.

The Prickly Problem with Parks and Rec

The problem with our field is the lack of information out there.  If you know where to look, and you've subscribed to the right newsletters, you probably have a stream of news and research to help you stay on top of the trends.

But if you're like most parks and recreation professionals I know, you're so caught up in day to day operations of your  job that you don't even have time to do that research.  That's what this site is about.  It's about providing the resources, tools, and ideas to make your job more efficient, innovative, and fulfilling.

You see, as a millennial, I believe that the impact that parks and recreation professionals can make on the world is endless.  The key is being able to utilize technology and innovative approaches to connect with our communities.

We have to change the way we communicate and collaborate so we can get our message across to the community.  We'll need to break the rules, stretch outside of comfort zones, and speak up when everyone tells you not to.

We'll need to think beyond the municipal structure, red tape, and bureaucracy to reach the potentially life changing impacts of our work.

Do you believe it's possible?

 I do.  Join Me.


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