three phases of successful direct leadership

must be written down




  1. remove the risk by eliminating activity
  2. reduce the risk by increasing safety
  3. accept the inherit risk

– program should be able to flex to environment (weather, inside vs outside)


want activities to be engaged

might need to separate groups4.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 7.47.28 AM.png


Program Reports

  1. Program proposal must be approved by supervisor before program is carried out (program/market/location financials/etc)
  2. Supply Requisition (internal supply/PO for supplies/ bids for major purposes, list of supplies)
  3. Reservation Forms internally and externally for booking space and location – document
  4. Maintenance Work Orders – set up, tear down, and other services – perhaps need to contract it out
  5. Accident Reports / Incident Reports 
  6. Program Records – established in policies and procedures (head counts, drop in use numbers, etc)