13 Must-Have Party Favors to Make July is Parks & Rec Month AWESOME!

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All parks and recreation professionals know that JULY is a crazy busy month.  Why we must schedule and plan an entire month of programming during the hottest month is certainly top of mind.  But ALAS, we shall push forward and make the best of it.  Here are some of the items that we used in my parks and recreation department that you could use either as souvenirs, used in a Facebook giveaway, or just to make your events that much more fun.  If you have stickers, you can brand these items with your logo too!   Please know that I receive a small commission if you buy any items using links on this page.  Any earnings help to cover the costs of maintaining this website – thanks for your support!

Don’t forget about the t-shirts!  These would be great for giveaways and/or staff!


1. Mini-Electric Fans

Obviously it only makes sense for the fans to fit nicely on your phone 🙂


2. Mini Sharks…

That Squirt Water!


3. Host the best water fight

with noodle style water guns

4. Folding Fans


5. Slap Bracelets

I’m pretty sure these never go out of style


6. Colorful Parachord Bracelet

Another classic


7. Neon Sunglasses


8. Throw a Neon Pool Party


9. Positive Message Wristband

Inspire your community!

10. Bouncy Balls

Buy ’em in bulk

11. Bubbles

On bubbles…

12. Slinkies

You can’t have a party without them

13. Punching Balloons


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