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Career Questions for the New Year

Hey everybody, welcome back to the show. I’m excited that you have joined me today. I’ve got a great episode, but first want to just tell you a little bit about this past year. I know it’s been a while since I had an episode released. I appreciate your patience. I have been a little busy. I’m currently sitting here with my two-month old son in my arms, so as you might imagine I’ve been very pregnant this past year. Although it’s been crazy, it’s been the most rewarding year yet. I never pictured this for 2019, but here we are. Now it’s 2020 and life has changed but it’s all good.

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Becky Dunlap

NRPA Open Space Radio Interview

This episode was posted on NRPA’s Website, head over there for more info!   “In this episode, we sit down with Becky Dunlap, a passionate park