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This site is for parks and recreation professionals, dedicated to raising the bar in our field.  If you're brand new, welcome!  This website is actively growing all the time, you should read about it.  Perhaps your interested in sharing some career advice; I need more interview for the Careers Page.  Or maybe you're looking for technology tips to be more efficient in your work.  Or maybe you have a new idea that you'd like to see on the site, share it with me!  If you think a coworker or friend would be interested in this, be sure to share it!

Becky Dunlap


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We Believe…

that parks and recreation enriches the lives of our communities and ourselves.  That this profession builds skills and relationships that extend far beyond a typical government department.  We are not tax collectors, we are not glorified cashiers.  We are simply advocates of the idea that parks and recreation can change lives.  We welcome people from all walks of life to join our gyms, learn new sports, and awake the child within.  We believe that PLAY makes LIFE better.  We’ve witnessed that just a few minutes alone in a park can completely change our day.We hold true to the idea that bureaucracy and red tape do not belong in parks and recreation.  We are aware that the natural impatience of our generation is not a weakness but rather a strength.  Through our creativity; through our innovation; through our keen sense of what our community needs, we will change lives through parks and recreation.